Terms & Conditions

What I Will Draw:

  • All Characters and fan art are welcome.
  • Some nudity.

What I Will NOT Draw:

  • Vulgar nudity.

Be Sure To Include:

  • A clear description of what you’d like.
  • Reference images of anything specific to include (jewelry, tattoo, armor).
  • Mood/Facial Expression.

Client Receives:

  • Low-resolution artwork with the ARTmmkay watermark and initials.
  • High-resolution artwork without the ARTmmkay watermark and initials.

Payment and Cancellations:

  • Complete payments in United States Dollars (USD).
  • Payment is accepted through PayPal only.
  • A Paypal invoice will be sent to your email from ARTmmkay.
  • 50% Of the invoice is due upon receipt. (This is the official acceptance of the commission. I will begin work after this is paid.)
  • The final 50% is due upon completion of the artwork.
  • Tips are welcome!
  • If I cannot complete a commission, you will receive a full refund.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.


  • Artwork is created for non-commercial use only.
  • Both parties must discuss terms for commercial use (merchandise) before invoicing. Prices and terms will differ per client.
  • Please do not repost artwork without proper credit or linking.
  • I reserve the right to display artwork in portfolios, galleries, and social media sites.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me on my social media platforms or at ARTmmkay@gmail.com.